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Errandworld is a community market place that brings Errander and Runners together to get things done. A market place where someone (Errander) who needs to get something done meets another person (Runner) who get things done in the interest of someone else and get paid for it.


An errander post a task, Errander will set time frame
and the proposed amount he/she is willing to pay
someone to get the job done.

Runners will start to place biddings/offers to run the
errand, Runners may agree to errander’s proposed
price or choose to offer a new amount.

Then, Errander will compare all offers and pick one
runner to do the task.

Upon awarding the task to someone, The errander will
have to make full escrow payment before completing
awarding process. This fund will not be released to
runner yet until the job is completed. i.e the fund will
be safe kept with errandworld.

Upon job completion, Errander will mark the job as
completed and payment will be released to the
runner’s EW wallet immediately.

Then both parties will review each other.


It is totally FREE of charge to post an errand. All you have to
do is post your errand, Start receiving offers from people,
Award the task to someone and make agreed payment. No
charges or commission is paid by the errander.


We charge 15% commission on all errands that you run.
Payments will be securely processed on our server, We will
take 15% commission and release your 85% pay into your
Errandworld account. Where you will be able to withdraw
into your bank account anytime you want. Be rest assured
that we will ask the errander to make payment before you
commence errand. This payment will be released to you


EW Wallet is your account balance on errandworld, This
payment account is automatically created for you when
you register with errandworld.

As an Errander, You need to load money into your EW wallet
before you can make payment for an errand.

As a runner, All your earned payments will be coming into
your EW wallet. You will be able to see your EW balance at
all time. Inorder to withdraw, All you have to do is request a
withdraw and your payments will be transferred into your
bank account accordingly.

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