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About Us

What is Errandworld

Errandworld is a community marketplace that brings Erranders and Runners together to get things done. A market place where someone (Errander) who needs to get something done meets another person (Runner) who get things done in the interest of someone else and get paid for it.


Choose to run errands and earn money or hire someone to get things done.

' Unemployement may not be erradicated but with the help of Errandworld, Unemployment becomes a choice '


A runner is someone who is willing to run errands in the interest of others for an agreed price. Runners control their working hours and days. They will only wait for errands to be posted around them. Anyone can choose to be a runner as long as they have free time, capability and the technical- know how regardless of their status whether they are employed or unemployed.


An errander is someone who needs something done and can't do it, perhaps they are preoccupied or basically needs a professional’s assistance. Erranders post job they required to get done on errandworld and wait for runner to bid. They choose who and when to award the job to. On errandworld, users may choose to be an Errander, a Runner or the both.


Unlike many organizations that are incidentally formed, The founder of Errandworld came up with this life-changing idea when he tasked himself and his team for a solution to unemployment issue at the same time solving problems for people. Of course, The idea started from the perspective of Runners. We realized that so many people have the willingness, ability, skills and even time to get things done but could not get employed because there were no platforms for them to showcase themselves. As much as we have so many unemployed youths in our society, we still have so many people who could offer job opportunities to the youths. The job opportunities available may not be a formal employment where you will apply or go through processes of engagement but with a platform like errandworld you have opportunity to get employed informally. At the long run, we realised that, there were actually enough job and income opportunities around every community, but to connect the people who have things to get done with the people who would get things done was the challenge faced by the people and then came, the idea behind errandworld.

As concerned citizens, we deliberately sat down and thought about how we could make the world a better place. We came up with this life-changing idea. This idea was beyond us and we conducted a survey on how people would react to such an initiative. The feedback was so remarkable and we knew we were on the right track. In our day to day lives we often face challenges in completing a certain jobs or errands, merely because we are not good at it or just not up for it. We all undergo such things and hope for someone to assist us. We have one question for you. Would it not be a good idea if someone could come and actually do the job on your behalf? This was part of the question asked that brought errandworld to life.

Essentially, we connect nearby individuals who are prepared to work, with individuals who require work to be done for them. Errandworld has been able to solve the issue of getting things done at your convenience. The erranders only need to posts an errand with a proposed amount they are willing to pay and the runners will acknowledge the offer and runs the errand at the agreed terms.

Errand World is a South African based online marketplace that enables individuals to post errands to be kept running by "runners". Essentially, We connect nearby individuals who are prepared to work, with individuals who require work to be accomplished for them. Errand World has tackled an issue of getting things done at your own comfort. An Errander just posts an errand with a proposed cost. The runner acknowledges the offer and runs the errand. Upon finishing, the runner gets paid.

We felt that unemployment may not be eradicated in our society but with a platform like errandworld, Unemployment becomes a choice. All you need to do is register, get verified, browse for errands around you, make an offer, wait until the offer is accepted and receive payment upon completion. You can undoubtedly utilize this platform and have a decent income stream for yourself.