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How does it work?

Register a new Errandworld account, Verify your account and claim your free R100. To be eligible you have to verify your ID, Email and Phone number(s). Creating multiple accounts is prohibited. Fund may not be withdrawn at any point in time. Claim your free errand credit within 3 days of registration. Use your fund to hire a Runner within 10 days of activation.

Important Terms and condition

Claim your credit within 3 days of registration

After account registration, you will have 3 days to verify your account and 10 days to use the credit.

Spend your free credit within 10 days of registration

R100 free credit will expire 10 days from the registration date without being used, You may add more fund to pay for an errand more than R100.

Available for new users only

R100 free errand credit is only available for new users. Old users are not allowed to create another account as this is not in consonance with our terms. Also, new users may only claim credit if they have never hired a Runner in the past.

Promo duration

Promo may be changed or stopped anytime Errandworld wishes without prior notice.


Errandworld reserves the right to refuse payout if we suspect fraudulent activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i withdraw the R100?

No, The fund is only available for you to hire Runners.

How do i claim?

Register on Errandworld, Verify your account, Verify your account within 3 days of registration and the fund will be credited in your EW Wallet.

Why must i verify account before i can use promo?

It is important for all users to verify their accounts. However, we are trying to reduce fraudulent activities.

My first errand is worth more than R100 what do i do?

Once claimed, your R100 will reflect in your EW Wallet, You can add more fund by loading your wallet.